people Girish Puravankara - Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Girish Puravankara set up LGCL in 2007 to cater exclusively to urban, aspirational people. A shining example of the power of positive thinking, his work mantra combines in-depth knowledge with calculated risks and gut feeling. His passion and non-compromising attitude are reflected in every one of LGCL's projects. A self-confessed workaholic, Mr. Girish believes the success of any endeavor depends on every single person involved. He leads LGCL and inspires every employee to create "honest, clean and value-based products". His secret for success in any business is integrity served with humility.

LGCL has set benchmarks in the real-estate industry, all thanks to Mr.Girish’s confidence, conviction and vision
Rashmi Puravankara - Executive Director

Mrs. Rashmi Puravankara holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science from Meerut University and a Master's Degree in Computer Applications. Her experience in working with large firms like Motorola, Samsung and Wipro has helped her bring to the board the need to constantly innovate. She is also actively involved in making LGCL socially responsible.
LGCL associates with the best in business. Reputed architects, qualified designers, topographers, landscape artists, engineers, highly-skilled labour are all hand-picked to create stunning masterpieces that people can be proud of. LGCL is also backed by a strong team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals in the fields of management, marketing, legal and finance.